Ten things i would tell ten different people.....

1. I should have given you the chance four years ago, you are amazing. 2. No matter what you will always be my best friend, even when we go weeks without speaking. 3. I just want you to know that you are no longer number one to me. 4. I absolutely adore you, and you make me feel so comfortable. Im sorry for anything I may have done to you. 5. Im sorry i judged you so hard, but you grew on me and now i can't imagine life without you. 6. I feel me and you got close this year, and boy am i glad we did. You are an absolute awesome person, and every minute we spend together is a gongshow and i love it ha. 7. Our friendship was tested this year, and after few bumps we made it through and stronger. 8. I love that you are always there and willing to listen to me no matter what. 9. You need to become an independent strong woman, cuz i know she's in there somewhere. 10. I learned new things about you this year some i love and some i hate, but regardless i love you.

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