Last weekend was May Gong... headed down to Old Man River Campground with some lethbridge peoples and gongshow it was. Drank, played drinking games, swam in the river, had some good laughs, visited lethy, and passed the fuck out =).

Got uber sick as soon as i came back from camping. Strep throat again.... =( but this time i got it really bad and had a 102 fever for 4 days, and thought i was dying haha. Finally felt better by friday and the antibiotics took all the ickyness away.

Friday I till wasn't feeling 100% so i decided drinking and the den wasn't a very good idea. Hungout with Dano and meeks, and skylar and mccormack. It was fun to hangout with them its been a long time, dropped them off at the den, met up with dee then ended up back at dano's for a hottub. Had a good time.

Saturday was le broski's birthday, so i hungout with the fam jam for most of the day, and  then had dinner with them. My brother had a partay so i hungout here for a bit, and then headed off to dano's again to go out with the ladies. Hit up mansion with dano, lisa and dee, and had a super fun night dancing, and just being girls. missed them long time =(

Work starts wednesday. yay. finally. haha. super excited to start and get everything going. Vancouver this weekend and wicked on saturday oh yah =)

Thats all for now.... loves and hugs.

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