Well I have been in Lethy for two weeks now and its been a busy two weeks.

Me and Jess moved in, and it took us a couple days to get organized and unpack eveyrthing. We then had to grocery shop, and my bank account took a huge hit =( ha. I absolutely loove my new place, and my bedroom, and its ginaromous closet ha. Living with Jess has been good, we seem to mesh well together,a nd work well together.
Since we got here it has been go go go. The first weekend we were here was a blackout weekend for me. I seriously dont remember much but it was a ton of fun. First Monday Essies was a blast =), it was nice to see everyone again, and get back into the Lethy mode.
School started and so far so good. Retaking geography sucks big time but ill suck it up and go with it ha. Got friends in most of my classes, and i have been attending class so thats always good =).
Been having a ton of fun, but i am starting to slowly get into school mode, and study mode. Next weekends beer pong tourny should be fun, im uber excited for that.
Also to you know who it better happen soon or imma find myself a new boy =) haha.

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