a letter to you...

To You,

We go back soo many years, all the way back to the Ambrose years. From the day we met I knew we were going to be good friends for a very long time, and that you were going to be someone whom I cared for and cherished as a really good friend. You are one of the sweetest. most genuine people I have ever met, and you have a such a huge heart. Anytime I am in a bad mood or upset I look to you for a smile, a laugh or just one of the world's greatest hugs. I cherish every single moment, memory, laugh, tear and good time that we have had. You are one of the world's greatest, and im soo honoured to call you my friend, and my haydee. This is just an obstacle in your life that you need to overcome, and you have all the strength of your friends and family, but most importantly you have your own inner strength. I love you so much and i know you can do this. Ill be seeing you soon babe, and mayeb this time i can be the really good friend, and help you out now that you need it.

love always,


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