san diego....

So I have a friend whose family is moving to San Diego, California and over spring break 2010 I'am going to be heading down there for a vacation, and today I got interested in what i could experience while down there and now im uber excited!!!! =)
Heres my list of things I want to do while in San Diego:
1. Sea World (Shamu here I come)
2. San Diego Zoo ( ZEBRAS)
3. Legoland ( life size lego... saweet)
4. Defenitley want to go to the beach (sun and sand)
5. Of course I want to shop =)
6. Drive to Los Angeles for a day/ night to sight see

theres lots more i want to see and do but I will only have 5 days =(
2 trips to San Diego?!!?! i think so haha.

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