whats been going on...

Well I figured I should probably write a little note to update whats been going on in my life.... so here goes =)
May long ended up being a bust due to crappy weather, not camping, and missing besties. But I did get to see the lethy girls and have a good party with some good people.
I will be making my way back to Leth Vegas tomorrow, aboard the lovely greyhound (SO SKETCHY!)
Back to school, and my lonely townhome. ha. =)
Will have a lovely week full of class, the gym, hopefully sun and tanning, idol finale, and GLEE! then im back to cowtown for the weekend for bree's birthday and stampede talent show workshop! (eek. excited? nervous? Both?)
Anywho now im rmabling, so keep checking for updates, im always finding random things, videos, stories, pictures ha and love to share them!

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