Kate... plus 8?

There is controversy going around about this new people cover, because some people are just so sick of seeing kate and hearing about kate, and think that people could give thier cover to more deserving people. Personally im over kate as well however i LOVE this cover because it has the eight kids on it. I have always loved watching the little rugrats on tv,and it is such a shame that they have to go through all this bullshit because they have such immature parents. Being in the spotlight is a difficult thing at times, so if someone is going to through their families into it they need to be ready to deal with the consequences. It is nice to see this picture and see each of the eight with a big smile on your face. Makes me feel better to know they can act more mature then their fat, ed hardy wearing, full of himself father, and thier diva, plastic surgery riddin, full of herself mother!

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