Reading Break....

Well ladies and gents I have been lucky enough to have a week off school, and come home and spend it with my lovely family & calgary friends :)

I have had such a busy week, and no time to actually sit and relax ha. Ended up staying in Lethbridge an extra night, so i came home, and right away went to Canmore with Tash, and Vic, and some boys. Had a good time, good laughs, and was a nice break.

After that I came home and celebrated my 21st birthday (woot woot) with a dinner with my family ( mom, dad, bro, aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin gf). Was such a great night, great food, some good laughs, and got some really nice gifts. (my pandora braclet was my fav)

Worked for my mom for 3 days, and made some cash because im a poor starving student, and being a receptionist was kinda fun, since im all about customer service :)
Today I got to spend the day with my daddy which was soo nice, since I only see him once a month (sometimes longer), and then I had dinner with Meghan and Lisa. Missed those ladies a whole bunch.

Worst part about break was not getting to see my girl Danielle =(. (maybe Sunday) But i know she had a fantastic family vacation!!

Got a few more days at home, gunna get my hair done, and do some hoemwork since i didnt do any over break!

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