goodbye 2011, hello 2012....

Well ladies a gents another year gone, and a new one just beginning. 2011 was so good to me, and will forever have memories imbedded in my mind. I got to experience living on my own, attempting to get my life in order (school wise), met him, watched my brother get one step closer to his dream job of being a firefighter, took on the task of living with 4 people (each whom i love so dearly), I experienced losses of friends and family members, watched friends overcome obstacles (haydee i love you), strengthened my relationship with my parents, worked my final summer at the YMCA daycamps, turned friends into best friends, and overall had fantastic year.

As 2012 begins I have things I hope to accomplish, and things I hope to improve on.
1. Ensure I work towards a healthier lifestyle (eating habits, exercise)
2. Excell in school and get the marks I know im capable of achieving
3. Make my parents proud both in school and everyday life
4. Audition for Canadas Got Talent
5. Get a good paying job

2012 has begun amazing had a great night with friends and with him, so heres to hoping for a great year,and one for the record books!!

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