It's Been A While....

Hello blog followers :)

Long time no blog i know.... i have just been enjoying summer, working and keeping busy with Lethbridge business.
Went house hunting in Lethy 2 weekends ago, looking for a 5 bedroom house to share with 3 other girls, me and 1 lovely boy ha. We found one we loved but it got taken in a matter of 2 hours, however we had seen another one we liked too so we signed a lease on that one :). Yah I won't be homeless come september!!
Work is going good, i absolutely love the counsellors we have this year. Everyone has so much energey, tons of fun, and works hard which makes my job as coordinator so much easier!! We have been doing a lot of camp events together and getting to know eachother much better. I seriously love these kids haha :)
I wish wish wish I could have vactioned this summer but it doesnt look like thats going to happen, but im hoping to go to Spokane beginning of September and hit up TARGET. I absolutely love that store ha.
last but not least i have been doing a bootcamp all summer (july) and in a month i lost 8 total inches :). everyone says youre crazy why would you do a bootcamp, but i actually really enjoyed it!!!

Thats all thats new and excting for me right now...  hope you all are having a fantastic summer... Wear sunscreen kidlets :)

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