Fall 2011......

I recently picked my classes for Fall semester. Im Thinking it looks pretty good, let me know what you guys think?

Education 2500 - I get to go into a classroom and act as a teachers assistant, and work with kids, and experience the teacher life without being the teacher haha. Im SOOOOO excited for this class.

History of Costume - Pretty much taking this as a 3000 level drama course, not much to choose from this semester. I really like the professor so Im hoping it will be interesting. But we'll see....

History and Development of Theatre - yah not excited, but its required. 

Introduction To Movement Disorders - This class is a kinesiology course, yet none of my friends who are kines majors have taken it... makes me nervous. I needed another GLER ( something weird U of L has haha), im hoping its gunna be easy and not destory my GPA haha.

Women and Health Issues They Face - This class im thinking will be interesting, due to the fact its all about health issues facing women and well im a woman haha. Except Im not too sure about the prof but we will see.

I'm thinking it will be a good semester but only time will tell, and besides i need to get through this semester first haha.

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