A friend of mine named Tarin is currently in Africa working at an orphanage. Before she leaving she decided she wanted to raise money to take with her to donate to this orphanage! Tarin decided to make Tie-Dye shirts and sell them (also bandanas), and she also allowed for you to pay for a tshirt but send it to africa with her to give to a child there. Tarin ended up making around $2000.00 before leaving and has begun her adventure over in Africa. If interested you are still able to order a t-shirt and donate to her cause (if interested let me know and ill hook you up) 
I think this is totally awesome and what a great idea. I wish her luck across the world, and would like to say thank you for helping make a difference in this world. 

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  1. woo girl you rock, thanks SSSSSSSSSSO much
    much love to you
    peace, love & good vibes