Oprah's Favorite Things....

Oprah decided that since its her last season she was going to do Oprah's Favorite Things in two parts, two different audiences..... AND I FREAKING WISH I WAS THERE!!
She gave away some ridiculous sweet shit, like umm lulu lemon shit, sweet brownie pans, and a panini grill. She also gave away some sweet books, five year memberships to netflix, and ugg boots. She then gave away 3D tvs, diamond earrings, and a jewlery box! Oh and I almost forgot she gave away a cruise, ipads oh and also the new 2012 volkswagon beetle..... 
WHY CAN'T I BE LUCKY LIKE THIS!!!!!! haha. I sat in my living room watching this, feeling sorry for myself, eating icecream... wow. haha.

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