Well School is finally in full swing, and a pain in my ass =) haha. I seriously am so sick of school already, i just want to teach right now! 
anywho I figured i woud take this post and update you all on the busy life of Jill Mac.

Last Week; Well the big excitement was me getting strep throat. (yay! NAWT) It sucks so bad, and this time it was pretty gross and bad, and im glad i caught it when i did so i didnt end up with scarlatina again. Week was pretty uneventful, just school and homework.

Friday; I decided that i would sneak off to Calgary for a few hours, just cuz im soo bored of lethbridge currently. So me, ksleeze, and tanner hopped in the car and headed to Calgary, they went to the football game and I spent some time with my mama and then we drove back to lethy that night.

Saturday; I lazed around all day, and then got ready with the ladies and headed out to studio (with the thought that i wasn't going to drink due to my antibiotics and the breast cancer run sunday morning, but i did anyways and got shmammered, but had a ton of fun.

Sunday; I was up bright and early(7am), hungover, and looking oh soo pretty, as me and victoria and colin headed off to the Run for the Cure ( see previous post) Had a fun time,and raised money for a great cause. Came home had a much needed nap, did my homework and headed to bed.

This week; No big plans so far, just gunna do some studying for tests, start work on my TYA project, watch some intramural hockey, and then friday i get to go home for turkety day... yay!!!

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