Challenge Day....

MTV has just premiered this new show called "If you really knew me", and it tells the story of different high schools participating in Challenge day. Challenge day is when the student body all gathers in the gymnasium and they do acitvities, and discussions to get to actually know eachother, ans stop judging based on appearance, rumours, and what they have heard. This is an attempt to change the way teenage boys and girls look at eachother, and communicate with one another. It is an attempt to break down the barriers that prevent people from getting to know one another, and to hopefully destroy cliques. I would have loved to have this at our school, and been given the chance to have people see eachother for who they are not what we think they are. This show made me cry hearing the kids stories, and what some of them go through on a daily basis not being "popular." I think all schools should try out this program, and help break down the stereotypes, and cliques and promote equality and acceptance.

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