daily hottie.....


JBiebs at Hooters in Edmonton. I Always knew i should be a hooters girl..... =)


Jwow has agreed to bare it all for playboy... what do you think?!?! 
Personally I have no issues with it... showing your body in comparison to porn and having sex I think is totally acceptable. 

Looove this song, gunna be my next cover.....



 Please please please pull through this, I need you around, I love you so much.


seaside heights beer pong...

a letter to you...

To You,

We go back soo many years, all the way back to the Ambrose years. From the day we met I knew we were going to be good friends for a very long time, and that you were going to be someone whom I cared for and cherished as a really good friend. You are one of the sweetest. most genuine people I have ever met, and you have a such a huge heart. Anytime I am in a bad mood or upset I look to you for a smile, a laugh or just one of the world's greatest hugs. I cherish every single moment, memory, laugh, tear and good time that we have had. You are one of the world's greatest, and im soo honoured to call you my friend, and my haydee. This is just an obstacle in your life that you need to overcome, and you have all the strength of your friends and family, but most importantly you have your own inner strength. I love you so much and i know you can do this. Ill be seeing you soon babe, and mayeb this time i can be the really good friend, and help you out now that you need it.

love always,



New Glee Books =)

All I Need Now is A Guitar and Lessons =)

New York....

New York I Love You and Long To Visit You!! Please Someone Take Me, Or Convince My Mommy and Daddy To Send Me On The Trip To Study Broadway!!!! 



Dear Family,

I Miss you Lots.

Love always Your JillyBean



My New Favorite Commercial.

damnnn gleee.....



daily eye candy....



Tonight is the JBiebs concert, and im not there...

excuse me while i go slit my wrists.....



My Life Returns On Tuesdayy =)
Glee Premiere Party!!!!


I'm So Over It.



Well I have been in Lethy for two weeks now and its been a busy two weeks.

Me and Jess moved in, and it took us a couple days to get organized and unpack eveyrthing. We then had to grocery shop, and my bank account took a huge hit =( ha. I absolutely loove my new place, and my bedroom, and its ginaromous closet ha. Living with Jess has been good, we seem to mesh well together,a nd work well together.
Since we got here it has been go go go. The first weekend we were here was a blackout weekend for me. I seriously dont remember much but it was a ton of fun. First Monday Essies was a blast =), it was nice to see everyone again, and get back into the Lethy mode.
School started and so far so good. Retaking geography sucks big time but ill suck it up and go with it ha. Got friends in most of my classes, and i have been attending class so thats always good =).
Been having a ton of fun, but i am starting to slowly get into school mode, and study mode. Next weekends beer pong tourny should be fun, im uber excited for that.
Also to you know who it better happen soon or imma find myself a new boy =) haha.



Still Thinking Of You Constantly, Please Get Better.
As Soon As They Tell Me That I Can Visit, I'm On The Next Bus Home.
I Love You, I Miss Your Smiling Face Babe.
Stay Strong, Be The Fighter We All Know You Are!!
I Love You HB!!!!



I Love You, and I'm Thinking About You.
You're Strong, I Know You Can Do It.



Chris Colfer This Is Why I Love You!