pregnant in her forties...

Celine Dion is PREGNANT!??!?! She's like forty something, has had like five miscarages, and her husband is like 67 or something. Really is a baby what you need right now? And she is reopening her show in Vegas.
wow. Celine messed up big time.


Outdoor Classic

So Gary Betman announced the two outdoor games for 2011 one being Calgary vs Montreal at Mcmahon stadium, and the second being Pittsburgh vs Washington at Heinz Field!! I will do ANYTHING to go to the Penguins game. and I mean ANYTHING!!!! I think the outdoor classis games are so cool, and to get to watch my "husband" play in it would be awesome. And i would get to see ovechkin play too!! Iam going to do everything in my power to get these tickets! And the game is on Jan 1, 2011 what better way to ring in the New Year! =)

Powell River 2010

June 29, 2010 please come RIGHT now!! I absolutely can't wait to go to Powell River, one of my favorite places on earth! I get to visit my family (including my two blonde haired, blue eyed, trouble making cousins) I'll get to go up to my uncles cabin (which floats on water), spend sometime tanning, reading, drinking, and swimming. Im also very excited to have a mother daughter trip, and maybe hit up the spa courtesy of daddys credit card haha =).

Happy 20th Birthday

Happy Birthday Bree =). You're 20 wow. You're so old! ha jkjk. I hope you have a fantastic day, you are a sweetheart love you lots. Heres to all the memories and so many more to come!!


Happy Birthday!

Happy 22nd Birthday Big Brother!!!!

friday night lights.

I had to read this book for a kinesiology class, and i actually loved it.
If your into sports and what not its a defenite good read =)


Kate... plus 8?

There is controversy going around about this new people cover, because some people are just so sick of seeing kate and hearing about kate, and think that people could give thier cover to more deserving people. Personally im over kate as well however i LOVE this cover because it has the eight kids on it. I have always loved watching the little rugrats on tv,and it is such a shame that they have to go through all this bullshit because they have such immature parents. Being in the spotlight is a difficult thing at times, so if someone is going to through their families into it they need to be ready to deal with the consequences. It is nice to see this picture and see each of the eight with a big smile on your face. Makes me feel better to know they can act more mature then their fat, ed hardy wearing, full of himself father, and thier diva, plastic surgery riddin, full of herself mother!



Tonight on American Idol it was very exciting when Lee Dewyze won (see previous post), however it was very upsetting to have to say goodbye to mister Simon Cowell. Simon has been the heart and humor of American Idol and he will be greatly missed on the show. American Idol from this point in time will defs not be the same! I shed a tear tonight watching them say goodbye to Simon!!! A very bitter sweet season finale thats for sure!

American Idol 2010


eek. yay! soo excited! hes amazingly talented, so sexy, and yah wow. haha.
so happy =)


summer vacation....

This Summer I will be making my way to New Brunswick to visit family, and attend my cousins wedding. While thinking of this vacation it occurred to me that Cole Harbour (home of Sid The Kid) was only 6 hours and 34 mins away. Road Trip?!?!?! I think so. I have been begging my daddy all weekend and I think I may have convinced him =) yay! Yes i understand Sidney is not gunna be just hanging around waiting for me ha but maybe he will be visiting family the same time im there, and we just happen to run into eachother? ha. Keeping my fingers crossed! =)


whats been going on...

Well I figured I should probably write a little note to update whats been going on in my life.... so here goes =)
May long ended up being a bust due to crappy weather, not camping, and missing besties. But I did get to see the lethy girls and have a good party with some good people.
I will be making my way back to Leth Vegas tomorrow, aboard the lovely greyhound (SO SKETCHY!)
Back to school, and my lonely townhome. ha. =)
Will have a lovely week full of class, the gym, hopefully sun and tanning, idol finale, and GLEE! then im back to cowtown for the weekend for bree's birthday and stampede talent show workshop! (eek. excited? nervous? Both?)
Anywho now im rmabling, so keep checking for updates, im always finding random things, videos, stories, pictures ha and love to share them!

wedding locations...

So back to me and my wedding obsession haha (and no im not getting married just dreaming ha)
so ever since i saw the movie "bride wars" i have always wanted to get married in the Palace Hotel in New York

But then i was looking at the top ten wedding destinations and i found this castle in Scotland, and i mean come on who doesn't want to get married in a castle, and be a princess for day.

So now im confused between two places, i guess ill just have to let my husband decide, or have an input ha.

J Biebs according to a two year old

This little girl is absolutely adorable and it just proves you can love J Biebs at any age (so everyone stop making fun of me ha)



i think this movie looks hilarious and i cant wait to see it.


harry potter

but shes only like nineteen.... and hes kinda weird looking? ha


yummy yummy yummy

umm zac efron is looking yummy in this new movie. no clue what its about but its got HIM. thats all that matters ha =)
Cant wait to see it!!

Hey Soul Sister

Absolutely love this song, but love this cover version even more =)

photos =)

I recently acquired this obsession with wedding/engagement photos (weird i know haha) but i was looking them up and i saw this couple engagement photos on a website and thought how unbelievably cute =)
so i wanted to share these pictures cuz they are adorable. They went with a vintage like 1950's theme and they are super super cute.


So this is a fairly new broadway musical, and im in love. The music, the voices, the stories, the actors/actresses, i mean EVERYTHING. I one day aspire to be on broadway and this musical has just refueled my loveof performing, and especially singing.


Star Wars

This Little Girl Is SOOOOO Cute
im not a fan of star wars but for her oh so cute.


Stampede Talent Show Auditions Tomorrow Morning...